Alternative Fuel Handling System

Alternative Fuels & Raw Material (Solid/Semi Solid AFR)

AFR used in Cement industry serves both purpose of saving fossil fuel and proper disposal of waste thus helping the society.

AFR feeding in kiln or calciner is on rise in Indian cement plants and specialized equipment / solutions are need of the hour.

Fuel may vary from Liquid, Semi solid or Solid from Biomass, Paint sludge, MSW, Tyre chips, Pharmaceutical wastes etc. which are having sufficient heat value.

solid semi solid liquid Afr System solid semi solid liquid Afr System

Solid/Semi Solid AFR Handling & Pre-processing

Pre-processing is art of change of waste in to AFR.

Pre-processing can include Shredding, Segregation, Impregnation, Foreign body removal etc.

AFR needs specialized handling system depending upon the fuel properties and variety of fuel to be handled.

Equipment selection needs to be specific depending on the material’s physical & chemical characteristics.

Drying Solutions

Types of Dryers
Rotary Drum Dryer
Flash Dryer
Fluidised Bed Dryer
Rapid Mixer Dryer

Sanghavi offers Drying solutions for drying different kinds of wastes. Every product has it's own processing requirement. We offer and develop the system suitable for handling variety of drying parameters. Depending upon the process requirement drying methods I systems mayvary.

Drying systems can be designed depending upon the heat source available and the moisture contents of the feed material. We can also design Hot Air Generation Systems as per the available fuels and the heat value required for the drying.

Materials Handled:
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
De-watered sludges
Granular Material
Powdery Material

Screening Solutions

Disc Screens are the most efficient screening solution for Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Materials.

Functional Description:

The mixed material is fed to the screen on the front side by a conveyor belt which is passed over the disc of the screen where it is completely shaken up & down and separated in two fractions.

Required size of material falls down under the screening surface passing through pre-defined gaps ofthe discs.

The over sized material is continued towards the end of the screen for further processing / recirculation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Disc screens are highly resistant tojamming and wrapping.
  • Unique Disc shape and configuration creates precise openings for accurate material sizing.
  • Disc design helps in agitating the material and provides the bouncing wave like action for effective separation of various sizes of material fractions.
  • Special design of Disc and Shaft reduces the material wrap.
  • Lesser maintenance.
  • Longer life.

Solid/Semi Solid AFR Pre Processing Solutions by Sanghavi

  • Primary shredder (200Kw x 2Nos Drives)
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Star / Disc Screen
  • Secondary Shredder
  • Air Sifter with cyclone
  • Impregnation Mixer

Primary Shredder with Hydraulic Drive (200Kw x 2Nos Drives)

Primary Shredder Components

Shredders for industrial, bulky and mixed waste
Throughput from 1 to 40 tph
Overload Protection
Exchngeable wear parts
Drive arrangement: Hydraulic / Electrical

Materials Handled:
  • Bulky waste, industrial waste
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Metal drums and drums containing liquid, pasty or solid products
  • Wooden boards, branches and packages
  • Tree stumps and trunks
  • Refrigerators
  • Lightweight motor cycles
  • Carpets and rolls of carpets
  • Mattresses (foam and springs)
  • Beds (wood, metal)
  • Wooden cupboards
  • Car seats
  • Cardboards, cardboard / paper stacks, phone books, catalogues
  • Plastic and rubber (rolls, blocks, production failures)
  • Compound and sandwich materials Animal bodies (not frozen)
  • Materials coming from river guides

Drive Arrangement

Hydraulic Drive are required for:

  • Mixed and unsorted materials
  • Material is fed in batches by pay loader / grab etc.
  • Materials requiring specific particle size or throughput control and closed loop through screening
  • Materials containing non-shreddables

Electric Drive can be used for:

  • Sorted and uniform materials
  • Material is metered and Conveyor fed
  • Materials containing limited non-shreddables


High-torque, low-speed design:

Delivers multipurpose shredding with greater on-line reliability and lower maintenance requirements than other technologies.

Fixing Tools Arrangement:

Unique shrink fix type design for better Shredder performance and increased Tool life.

Shock load absorption:

Geared coupling for electric drives and flow control valves design for hydraulic driven system ensures shock load absorption during operation.

Overload Protection:

Auto reversal arrangement through VFDs in case of overloading.

Out board bearing arrangement:

This arrangement ensures isolation of bearings from the cutting chamber contamination and protects against bearing failure.

Sanghavi offers a full range of energy-efficient electric and hydraulic shredders as well as custom units to meet all processing requirements. We can also offer complete plant along with screening arrangement.