Fine Coal Storage Silos

Fine Coal Handling System

We Design, Manufacture and Supply the entire coal mill circuit from the Mill Feeding to the burner.

The Fine Coal generated in mill System is to be handled for Storage, Extraction and Transfer to the required utility area for usage. This needs special care as environment and safety plays a major role.

Most of the Coal Grinding Circuits are Air swept and hence Handling of the Pulverised Coal is through Pneumatic system. Pulverised Coal from the mill is carried by the drying medium (Hot Air) and the coal dust is collected in the Bag filters. The material from the Bag Filters is conveyed to the Fine Coal Storage Bins by either Screw conveyors or by Pneumatic Screw Pumps. The fine coal bin is provided with twin/single shaft agitator to ensure smooth extraction of material. Specially designed extraction screws are provided below bin for extraction & metering purpose. The suitable weighing mechanism (Solid flow meter/ Loss- in weight/Weigh feeder) is provided for proportioning the material. The metered quantity of Coal is fed to the burner (Of Kiln / Calciner / HAG) by a Pneumatic Screw Pump.