Flat Bottom Storage Silo


This is one of the popular designs for storage of various types of cements. The floor is actually poured in such a way that it forms a conical dish type of configuration between 10° to 15° slopes. This type of design allows the Industry to produce larger diameter silos. Silos with this design requires fluidization to aid the withdrawal of finished product. Withdrawal can be either in center or side of the silo bottom. Open type aeration pads are used in radial pattern with central aeration pad for central discharge. In case of side discharge, fan pattern aeration arrangement is used with slope of 10° to 15°. The fluidized pads are provided with air from roots type blowers in cyclic manner with pressure rating of 6000 mm WG. The volume of air required depends on the aeration pattern selected. For selected quantity of open type aeration pads, a pattern of fluidization is established with lowest air volume, using a timer panel and automatic selection of pneumatically operated butterfly valves in cyclic manner.

Conversion of Existing Silos

Existing old silos used for storage of different materials, powder or granulated, without proper aeration arrangement can be converted in aerated bottom Cement Storage Silo with desired extraction rate, to suit individual site layout. We have successfully implemented such conversion projects, which are working satisfactorily.