Inverted Cone Storage Silo

Inverted Cone Storage Silo System has emerged as one of the most popular designs in the Cement Industry due to several benefits like up to 99% emptying efficiency, low power consumption and availability of Multiple outlets.

Only a small ring of the Silo bottom is covered with fluidizing units and divided into several sections. At any given time only selected section is activated by means of low capacity Roots Type Blower and other sections are activated in a cyclic manner. Several discharge gates placed at the circumference of the Silo opens one after the other making the cement flow towards the outer shell. The cement moves downwards at the Silo wall avoiding the formation of incrustations and dead zones on Silo wall.

Several Inverted Cone Silos of this type are supplied by us for materials like OPC Cement, PPC Cement, Fly Ash, Ground / granulated blast furnace slag, Slag Cement etc.