New Generation Quality Improvers

NQI are added during the grinding process in the range of 0.02-0.1% of cement, allows

  • To increase grinding efficiency, cement flowability and reduce pack-set.
  • To increase strength – Matching performance of TQI.
  • Dosage is up to 60% lesser than TQI.
  • Cost-efficient compared to TQI - NQI provides cost benefit to the customer by lowering the actual cost/ton of cement by significantly reducing the dosage rates.
  • NQI provides higher savings to customer by lowering freight and handling costs.
  • Also effective as Grinding Aid and pack-set inhibitor.
  • Can improve strengths at all ages, in particular at 28 days.
  • Very effective at low dosages.
  • Can be formulated into customized products.
  • Provides all the benefits of Cement Grinding Aid.
  • Narrower particle size distribution.
  • Improved Cement Performance Characteristics.
  • Increase early strength.
  • Increase late strength.
  • Reduction in water demand.
  • Shorten/Extend set times.