Alternative Fuel Handling System

Small Capacity Shredder

Disc Screen


Twin Shaft Mixer for Impregnation / Blending of Various fuels.

Batch Operation.

Pneumatically Operated Bottom Discharge arrangement.

Hydraulic/ Electric Driven.

Pre Processing System Commissioning M/s. Bharathi Cements Ltd., Cuddapah

AFR Co-processing System Storage, Screening, Conveying & Feeding Solutions

  • Live Bottom Screw Docking Station
  • Truck Unloading Station
Storage with controlled discharge
  • Push / Live Bottom Floor – Hydraulically operated
  • Chain Belt Conveyor
  • Side Wall Cleated Conveyor
  • Skip Hoist
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Blow through Rotary Feeder (for pneumatic conveying)
  • Flap Damper
  • Rotary Air Lock
  • Pneumatic Shut-off Gate

Live Bottom Screw for Agro Waste

Shaft less Screw Extractor for Pharma Waste

Push Floor Extractor