Bulk Loading System


  • Three wire holding system
  • Drive Mechanism is located on the top and away from spout
  • Hypolan coated Outer Sleeve with specially designed Aluminum rings and Kevlar thread Stiching
  • Load bearing Chains for Internal Buckets lifting
  • Stainless steel Hardware for Rope and Chains
  • Concentrator Arrangement

Open loading

This is suitable for loading bulk material in flat bed truck, warehouse or stock yard. In this type of design, spout rests on pile of the product. Flexible skirts & negative pressure through exhaust ensures dust free operation. The spout is lifted automatically via motor winch based on signal provided by sensor provided at the outlet.

Loading Rates : 150 TO 750 Cu.Mtr/Hr

Application : For Granular Material like Clinker / Iron ore/ Limestone / Coal / Pellets

Closed Bulker / Closed Railway Wagon Loading

This design is suitable for feeding closed container, wagons & tanker trucks. When spout outlet is placed on inlet of tanker it forms completely dust proof connection. A proper exhaust connection is provided for the air, which is displaced by product inside the truck. Spout is provided with motor winch for vertical movement. The outlet sensors automatically stop the feeding before tanker overflowing.

Loading Rates : 150 TO 750 Cu.Mtr/Hr.

Application : For Fine Material like Cement/Flyash/GGBS/Minerals

Integral Bag Filter

We provide Compact Bag Filter module & loading spout combination for dust free loading of bulk material. The filter module is used in line with the Loading Spout for dust control during the loading of dry, dusty materials into open or enclosed vehicles. The dust collected is re-entrained with the material being loaded which makes the filter module an ideal and cost effective package. When comparing the design of the filter module to free standing units, the savings in space and money become apparent with the elimination of expensive duct work, rotary air lock and hopper discharge systems.


Options and Accessories
Cone material Can be provided with Hardox / Sail hard / SS 304 / SS 316 / to suit the application.
Vibrator For dust discharge on completion of loading cycle.
Tilt switch / Capacitance type limit switch For open type truck / closed container for auto loading / lifting.
Integral Bag filter For dust free loading
Spout Positioner For aligning spout in horizontal direction
Dual spout Positioner For aligning spout in' X' and 'Y' plane

Railway Open Wagon Loading System

Clinker loading in open railway wagon with conventional loading spouts generates huge dust nuisance due to open wagons. M/s Sanghavi Engineering has developed a unique completely dust-free loading solution for loading granular materials like Clinker & Limestone in open railway wagons with telescopic hood which covers entire wagon while loading. The hood is provided with specially designed bag filter with standard conventional bags which ensures dust free loading and controls fugitive dust emission while loading. We offer complete system solution starting from silo feeding arrangement to Loading and weighing. We undertake complete System supply including Clinker extraction system, weigh bridge, MCC and PLC panel to have single point control.

  • Dust-free Loading system
  • Fixed Pipe feeding Mechanism with Telescopic hood arrangement to cover entire wagon
  • Faster Loading in comparison with conventional loading telescopic chute loading system
  • Lower moving parts and hence lesser maintenance
  • Less wear & tear
  • No frequent replacement as outer sleeve and pleated integral bags are not used