Hot Air Generator (HAG)

In a process industry where excess Hot air is not available for Drying Purpose, it is essential that a Hot Air Generator is installed for generation of hot gas for the Drying of Wet Materials (eg. Raw Coal, Pond ash, Lime stone, Clay, Slag, Gypsum, Lime sludge or various additives).

The Hot Air Generators can be classified as

1. Conventional type

  • A. Horizontal floor mounted type (Double Shell)
  • B. Vertical standing type

2. Fluidised bed type

Major Components of Horizontal Hot Air Generators are

Two concentric shells - inner and outer. The inner shell is brick-lined and acts as the cumbustion chamber. The outer shell is not lined. The annular space between the inner and outer shell is for passage of the dilution air.

Venturi type mixing chamber in which the products of combustion get mixed with dilution air thereby giving the hot air at desired temperature and volume.

A cylindrical outlet section for the outlet of the hot air.

Special design bed ash discharge chutes with rod gates and flap valves in case of pulverised coal fired horizontal double shell HAG.

The fuel may be fuel oil, Natural gas or Pulverised coal. In case of pulverised coal fired HAG we undertake complete system engineering from raw Coal handling to Hot air generation including all equipments required for the system like Dampers, Crushers, Cyclones, Pneumatic Screw Pumps, Coal Burners and Combustion Chambers, which are all manufactured in-house.

In case of oil fired HAG complete system engineering and supply for oil storage, pumping, filtering and heating unit (in case of HFO) along with oil fired burner is supplied.